The Unofficial Kathleen Hanna Wiki

March 7 , 2018

Kathleen Hanna was born in 1968 and became interested in the feminist movement at the young age of nine years old. Her entire musical career has been deeply influenced by the ideas of fighting the patriarchy and working toward true gender equality. Let's take a look at Hanna's life, music, and legacy.

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The 8 Best Books About Riot Grrrl

March 9 , 2018

The Riot Grrrl movement influenced a number of punk bands during the 90s and, by extension, many music fans as well. If you were part of the revolution and want to take a look at the past, or if you're a young feminist interested in recent history, you might want to pick up one of these books. Some are made up of first-hand resources, like zines and song lyrics. Others show the movement through the lens of the author's opinions. All of them provide a chance to think about the many social issues that were tackled by Riot Grrrl.

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